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The Doctor's performing a surgery

Dr. Robert Cameron Featured in VA Newsletter

The Doctor's performing a surgery

The latest issue of Veterans Affairs’ newsletter, VA Views, features renowned cardiothoracic surgeon and mesothelioma specialist, Dr. Robert Cameron.

In addition to being the Founding Chief of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at UCLA, Dr. Cameron also serves veterans at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center (WLAVA; However, many veterans with asbestos-related disease may not be aware that they can ask to be referred to Dr. Cameron through their inter-facility referral program if their local VA facility is unable to offer the same level of care as WLAVA.

Dr. Cameron pioneered the P/D surgical procedure for pleural mesothelioma which involves meticulously removing the tumor from the lung and rebuilding the diaphragm, leaving the patient with the use of both lungs following surgery. The P/D is a more lengthy and detailed procedure, which few surgeons are willing or able to perform.

According to Dr. Cameron, “In the past, surgeons removed the entire lung and some surgeons still do. But it’s a surgery that’s more difficult to recover from. We’ve learned 30 years ago that it wasn’t necessary. After surgery, the patients can breathe well. They can’t tell the difference.”

As a surgical oncologist, Dr. Cameron also prescribes chemotherapy or immunotherapy to patients who are either not interested in or not a candidate for surgery. The best results are achieved when surgery is part of a multi-modal treatment plan, which may also include radiation, immunotherapy and/or chemotherapy.

We are pleased that Dr. Cameron’s dedicated service to the veteran community and his accomplishments are being highlighted. We hope that more veterans learn about the tremendous resources available to them at the WLAVA.

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