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Cosmetic Talcum Products Containing Asbestos


A 1976 study headed by researchers at Mt. Sinai tested 20 consumer talc products for the presence of asbestos. Ten of the twenty products tested were found to contain asbestos in concentrations from 2-20%. ("Asbestos Found in Ten Powders, New York Times,March 10, 1976):

Products containing 8-20%

Cashmere Bouquet (click here to view the time line of Colgate and Cashmere Bouquet)
Coty Airspun Face Powder
Rosemary Talc
ZBT Baby Powder

Product containing 15%

Bauer & Black Baby Talc

Products containing less than 5%

Faberge Brut Talc
Yardley Invisible Talc
Yardley Black Label Baby Powder
Mennen Shave Talc
English Leather Aftershave

A 1972 study headed by Professor of Chemistry, Seymour Z. Lewin to Acting Director of the FDA, analyzed the mineral compositions of 102 examples of standard commercial products containing talc. The study found small but definite percentages of either tremolite and chrysotile asbestos in 27 samples, small but definite percentages of both tremolite and chrysotile in nine samples and seven substantial percentages of one or both of these asbestos minerals. ( Seymour Z. Lewin, “Tabulation of X-Ray Diffraction Analyses of Commercial Products Containing Asbestos,” August 3, 1972):

Products containing 1-5% (+/-2) tremolite by weight:

Ambush-Dana Dusting Powder
April Showers
Avon Unforgettable Perfumed Talc
Beloved Perfumed Dusting Powder, Prince Matchabelli
Corday Toujours Moi Bath Powder
Coty Emeraude Dusting Powder
Coty Emeraude Spray Dusting Powder
Coty Face Powder Rachel
Desert Flower Spray Bath Powder
Faberge Flambeau Deodorant Spray Powder
Jean Nate Spray Bath Powder
Jeris Talc, Flesh
Jolie Madame Dusting Powder, Balmain
Lady Esther Face Powder, Rachel
Max Factor Face Poweder, Rachelle
Parke-Davis Medicated Comfort Powder
Revlon Touch and Glow Face Powder, Creamy Peach
Tom Fields, Ltd. To Know Me Is To Love Me –Tinkerbell
Yardley April Violets
Yardley Oh! De London Talc

Products containing 1-5% (+/-2) chrysotile by weight:

Cashmere Bouquet (click here to view the time line of Colgate and Cashmere Bouquet)
Houbigant Chantilly Dusting Powder
Jean Nate Talc
Johnson & Johnson Shower to Shower Body Powder
Mennen Shave Talc
Pond’s Dream Flower Perfumed Talc
Pure Baby Powder, Dart Drug

Products containing 1-5% (+/-2) of both tremolite and chrysotile by weight:

Almay Hypo-Allergenic Face Poweder
Constance Carroll, Bouquet Talc
Flamingo Dusting Powder, Tussy
Kerkoff Djer-Kiss Talcum
Lander Lilacs and Roses Talc
Luft-Tangee Tangee
Vivaudou Mavis Body Powder
Vivaudou Mavis Talcum
ZBT Baby Powder

Products containing more than 5% (+/-2) of tremolite and/or chrysotile by weight:

Avon Tai Winds Spray Talc
Blachard’s Dusting Powder
Del Labs Born Wild Dusting Powder
Lander Gardenia and Sweet Pea Talc
Lander Lilacs and Roses Deodorant Body Talc
Miss Dior Dusting Powder
Tosca Dusting Powder