What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a mesothelioma treatment option that aims to use the body’s natural defense system to attack cancerous cells. Everyone has an immune system that protects against diseases transmitted through bacteria and viruses. Developments within the past decade have revealed that the body’s immune system may also be able to protect against cancer, not just bacteria and virus-caused infections. Out of that discovery, immunotherapy was born.

Evidence has suggested that a body’s immune system may be able to block the spread of cancer as well as slow down tumor growth. Immunotherapy aims to develop an immune reaction to tumors and may be effective in combating mesothelioma, however, this treatment option is still in its infancy.

Active vs. Passive Immunotherapy

There are two main types of immunotherapy – active and passive.

  • Active Immunotherapy
    Active immunotherapy works by stimulating the immune system so that the body goes into an immune response. Active immunotherapy introduces an antigen into a person’s body that the immune system then reacts to. This response can then attack the tumor.
  • Passive Immunotherapy
    Passive immunotherapy doesn’t try to trigger a response from the immune system, but rather targets the disease itself by injecting immune compounds directly into the tumor.

The specifics explaining how exactly immunotherapy works can become complex very quickly, which is why we encourage you to speak directly with your doctor about the best treatment option for you. Worthington & Caron, PC gives its clients the advantage of connecting them with top physicians, oncologists, and access to clinical trials and emerging treatment options such as immunotherapy. Call today to learn more.