Asbestos Cancer Scams and Fraud

Mesothelioma is serious. There is perhaps nothing more serious, which is what makes mesothelioma scams so egregious. Sadly, there are some companies that use mesothelioma diagnoses as a means of financial gain. You may have seen some of these scams advertised on TV or heard them on the radio. They are out there, and we call them the “Madison Avenue” mesothelioma lawyers.

Be Discerning

Most law firms, if their marketing budget is big enough, can launch an advertising campaign saying that they handle mesothelioma litigation. It is important to remember that a large budget and a swath of ads does not equate with experience or even a good reputation. Victims of mesothelioma and their families should be incredibly shrewd when it comes to these things.

How Mesothelioma Is Different Than Other Injuries and Conditions

Mesothelioma is a much more advanced type of case than your average personal injury case. These cases present a number of challenges that not all law firms are equipped to tackle. At Worthington & Caron, PC, we are “asbestos lawyers for life” who only handle asbestos-related litigation for people who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, as well as their families.

Worthington & Caron Comes Highly Referred

We are proud to say that many of our clients are referred to us by former clients and others who have heard about the good work we are doing. We don’t use gimmicks and we are averse to asbestos cancer scams. Our clients know that we are the real deal. We maintain connections with the nation’s foremost mesothelioma physicians and we are often able to help patients qualify for mesothelioma clinical trials. We know mesothelioma – and we know it all too well. Attorney Roger Worthington’s father Punch died from asbestos lung cancer. Our passion for victims comes from a very personal place, so we do everything we can to help our clients.

If you would like to learn more about us, or if you have hired an attorney and would like to switch to different counsel, we encourage you to contact us today.