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Tackling the Asbestos that Lingers Behind in Buildings

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Despite the recent EPA proposed ban on the use, manufacture and import of Chrysotile asbestos, the U.S. still faces the ongoing crisis of confronting the asbestos that remains in public buildings and homes. Also known as “legacy” asbestos, the asbestos-containing construction materials that were used decades ago in new construction and remodeling projects, continue to pose a danger to the public if disturbed. Construction crews, maintenance workers, firefighters, and home DIYers are especially at risk for asbestos-related illnesses, such as mesothelioma.

According to Dr. Arthur Frank, an environmental and occupational health professor specializing in asbestos at Drexel University, “We have an EPA that is doing something, but I wish they would take on this issue of legacy asbestos as well and at least educate people that there is lots of it out there and that if you think you’re going to be exposed to it, you need to protect yourself.”

Although the EPA is expected to explore the issue of legacy asbestos in the future, the agency’s deadline to complete a “phase 2” assessment for asbestos exposure is not until the end of 2024, much less enacting legislation.

For more information, please read the article we reference in The Hill: