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Research on Genetic Basis of Mesothelioma Opens Door for Better Treatment

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Could there be a new study that opens the door for more effective and better treatment options for mesothelioma patients? Researchers have conducted a new study that promotes the assistance of characterizing mutational profiles and the genetic discoveries of mesothelioma in patients. The study showed over 2,500 alterations and 10 mutated genes in patients.

According to the study, there were a large number of clinically actionable mutations found in the patients. This means that there are options for therapy and clinical trials designed to target the various mutations throughout the body. In fact, some drugs and therapies currently available can target the mutations found in the study because the targets are already found in existing malignancies.

The research discovered a protein, PD-L1, in patients who have more aggressive mesothelioma. Baylor College of Medicine has already began conducting a trial in order to help create immunotherapy pathways to target PD-L1. This protein is found in patients with pleural mesothelioma and knowing that there may be an option to help with treatment is a big win for patients.

These findings are a positive sign for mesothelioma patients who may be looking for alternative treatment options. Knowing the genetic basis of mesothelioma means there are plenty of opportunities for clinical trials to specifically target mutations and other genetic discoveries. This allows for more effective therapy, better medication, and more.

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