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Cryotherapy an Option for Mesothelioma Treatment?

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Cryotherapy an Option for Mesothelioma Treatment?

Worthington & Caron

For patients dealing with mesothelioma, they are often left wondering what treatment options they have. There are not many. It leaves those suffering from asbestos-cancer with concerns regarding their future. It’s understandable, but there may be hope.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic have tried taking a new approach to treating mesothelioma: cryotherapy. According to a WCAX news report, 68-year-old Mary Kuntz was asked by the Mayo Clinic doctors to be the first patient to try the trial treatment. The process involves freezing part of the tumor using liquid nitrogen. They then remove it two weeks after the initial process. The goal of the cryotherapy treatment is to boost the patient’s immune system in order to fight the remaining cancer cells in the body.

Since 2013, Dr. Raymond Wong of the Pacific Meso Center has been researching novel uses for cryotherapy.

Through this unique therapy, the hope is that the lung will be preserved and recovery would be easier for the patient. This is still in the early stages and doctors are monitoring the effects cryotherapy will have on the patient’s body. It is unknown what cryotherapy holds for the future of mesothelioma patients, but if it can have some sort of effect, it can be promising.

Cryotherapy is a method that has been used since the 17th century to help decrease the growth and production of certain cells and increase the survival of others. The extreme temperatures help to destroy the cancer cells in the tumor and prepare it for removal two weeks after, triggering the body to fight off the remaining cells.

At Worthington & Caron, our team is dedicated to fighting mesothelioma. Our clients deserve to have the most effective treatment possible and we will continue to work to help them find ways to eliminate mesothelioma for good. If you believe you have a claim related to asbestos-cancer, contact our firm and learn how we may be able to help you.