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Why Choose Worthington & Caron, PC?

Asbestos Lawyers Committed to Empowering Mesothelioma Victims

If you or your loved one was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer from asbestos exposure, you undoubtedly want answers, you want an advocate in your corner, and you want hope – things you can find at Worthington & Caron, PC.

McCann R. GoldCommitment to Mesothelioma Research

Worthington & Caron’s overwhelming commitment to mesothelioma research sets us apart from other lawyers. In fact, we have donated to this cause more than any other law firm we are aware of. We have personally donated over $1 million to the advancement of mesothelioma research and helped found the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, Inc, an organization that has funded over $5 million in research grants. As your advocate, you can be confident that Worthington & Caron cares as much about beating mesothelioma as you and your family do.

Completely Focused On You

People who choose Worthington & Caron will never feel ignored, marginalized, or unimportant. Our commitment is to one-on-one, individualized attention to you and your case. All emails and phone calls will be responded to promptly so you can stay informed along the way.

We Connect You To Mesothelioma Physicians

RGW ORClients of Worthington & Caron get the benefit of expedited consultations with mesothelioma doctors – and the world’s foremost physicians at that. Our connections put you into direct contact with experts who have invested their lives in mesothelioma treatment, from surgeons to oncologists.

There are also a number of clinical trials we can connect you with. These clinical trials offer mesothelioma patients the chance to gain access to the most progressive and cutting-edge treatments for asbestos cancer. Worthington & Caron educates clients on clinical trial availability and assists all qualifying patients with enrollment processes.

With any diagnosis and treatment recommendation, it can be crucial to get a second or even a third opinion. Worthington & Caron connects you with doctors and other experts who can review your medical records to ensure your asbestos cancer diagnosis is accurate.

A Network of Caring

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits our clients receive is joining a network of other mesothelioma patients. After a mesothelioma diagnosis, patients have questions – and usually lots of them. By working with our firm, we can connect you with people who have been in your position and can help walk you through what you can expect.

Outstanding Recoveries for Asbestos Cancer Victims

RGW Hardhat Believe

In the courtroom, Worthington & Caron’s success is virtually unparalleled. With more than $2.5 billion in verdicts and settlements won for our clients, mesothelioma victims and their families have been able to secure the justice they deserve. After a cancer diagnosis, you want an advocate who is un-phased by the rash of recent bankruptcies and will fight for what you deserve regardless – Worthington & Caron is that advocate. In addition, our firm never charges clients a fee unless we make a recovery on their behalf. We advance all costs and expenses necessary to prosecute the lawsuit and obtain settlements.

Representing Clients Nationwide

Clients across the nation can benefit from working with Worthington & Caron. We are licensed to practice in Texas, California, and Oregon, but by partnering with legal counsel in other states, our law firm has been able to represent clients in 48 different states.

Choosing Worthington & Caron Means Choosing Hope

Countless people have chosen Worthington & Caron to handle their mesothelioma cancer claims for reasons including:

  • Our commitment to mesothelioma research
  • Our one-on-one, individualized attention to clients
  • Connection to the world’s foremost mesothelioma physicians
  • Courtroom experience and success
We are committed to protecting our clients’ rights, forging friendships, and building hope. If you or someone you love was recently diagnosed with asbestos cancer, we invite you to contact us today to learn how we could help.

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