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Senator Durbin Applauds Recent Appellate Court Ruling for J&J

Following-up on his remarks from last year, in which he condemned Johnson & Johnson’s “cynical” and controversial bankruptcy plan, Senator Dick Durbin once again criticized Johnson & Johnson’s attempt to escape accountability and exploit loopholes in bankruptcy law. This time, however, he has reason to praise the recent Appellate Court ruling which rejected the Texas Two-Step legal maneuver.

Sen. Durbin’s remarks on the Senate floor applauded the step towards justice for the nearly 40,000 asbestos talc plaintiffs who used J&J products and have been denied justice.

In closing, Sen. Durbin stated:

“These companies are trying to game a system that we, in Congress, created. As lawmakers, we write the laws and set the rules for declaring Chapter 11. We must work together to keep the doors of our justice system open to every American seeking restitution when they’ve been wronged. I believe this Senate is capable of doing things, hard things. I believe we can bring America closer to our central aspiration of justice for all. And, I believe we can instill more faith in this nation of laws by ending these corporate abuses of bankruptcy once and for all.”

Click here to read the Senate press release:

To watch Sen. Durbin’s full video:

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