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News Posts in March, 2013

Mar 27 2013

UCLA Now Offering Multi-Disciplinary Clinic Where Patients Can Meet With Surgeon and Oncologist Specializing in Mesothelioma at the Same Consult

Patients who are diagnosed with mesothelioma often feel overwhelmed and stressed. An aggressive tumor has been growing in their body and time is of the essence in order to effectively treat it. But before proceeding with a treatment, many questions ...

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Mar 1 2013

Green Tea Compound Found to be Effective in Killing Mesothelioma Cells

Green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and its history dates back 5000 years. There is an old Chinese legend that says a man, Shien Non Shei, was walking one day when he curiously tasted the juices from a leaf of a plant and ...

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