As asbestos claims continue to rise, so too do scams. Mesothelioma related fraud can happen on both ends of the spectrum and are both equally as harmful – companies claiming to offer compensation for mesothelioma and people making false mesothelioma claims in order to get a check. Trust funds are one potential forum for mesothelioma scams to manifest themselves.

What is an asbestos trust?

Some victims of mesothelioma can get money through trust funds and similar types of grants. While a company responsible for asbestos exposure establishes the trust, the trust is managed by a trustee who decides who gets compensation from the trust and how much. Trusts are often set up by companies that file for bankruptcy but are still responsible for paying mesothelioma compensation. These bankruptcy trusts must have enough money to compensate current and future victims.

Trust Claims versus Lawsuits

Trust claims are different than lawsuits, but with both, the claimant must provide enough evidence to show mesothelioma connected to asbestos exposure. Be wary of any company that advertises to help mesothelioma patients get trust fund money, especially if the company asks for payment upfront.

How are asbestos trusts created?

Companies create asbestos trusts via a legal procedure known as bankruptcy reorganization. By filing for bankruptcy, a company is immune to tort litigation and instead must set money aside in a trust for potential claimants. Anyone who qualifies for compensation against a company that has set up a trust will draw that compensation from the trust. The amount of compensation is determined by a trustee.

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