Nitrate groundwater contamination in Morrow and Yumatilla Counties in Oregon has been getting worse over the past three decades. The state’s effort to regulate and fine the polluters has not worked.

Nitrogen exposure may cause a number of health impacts, including colorectal cancer, kidney cancer, miscarriages, birth defects and anemia. Polluted wells also decreases property values. The polluters at the Port of Morrow, as well as Lamb & Weston and others, have knowingly sold their contaminated their wastewater discharge for years to area farmers, in violation of their discharge permits. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has described the Port’s conduct as “reckless.”

We are investigating legal actions against the parties responsible for health impacts and property damage arising from the nitrogen contaminated groundwater in Boardman, Irrigon and regions drawing from the contaminated aquifer.


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Hot Spots

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