Worthington & Caron Gives Back

Whether it’s through scholarships, research grants, or cycling competitions, the mesothelioma attorneys at Worthington & Caron, PC are passionate about giving back. Below are just some of the ways we have been able to do that over the years.

Dana Point Community Cycling Foundation
This non-profit organization helps promote health and wellness in the local community of Dana Point. Attorney Roger Worthington is one of the members of this organization’s board.

Tour Des Chutes
The Tour Des Chutes is an annual cycling race that raises money exclusively for cancer survivorship. The Punch Worthington Lab is a proud sponsor of this event.

Cascade Cycling Classic
This classic is the longest consecutively run cycling stage race in the United States. Attorney Roger Worthington is a longtime sponsor of this event on behalf of the Punch Worthington Research Lab.

Dana Point Grand Prix
People come from all across the nation to participate in the Dana Point Grand Prix. This .8 mile race benefits local charities such as Dana Point Youth, the Dana Point Community Cycling Foundation, and others.

Team OUCH Pro Cycling
This team was founded in 2009. Team OUCH is a pro cycling team with an NRC championship heritage that the attorneys at Worthington & Caron are proud to be a part of.

Team Labor Power Cycling Team
We are proud sponsors of the Team Labor Power Cycling Team and have been since 1995. The asbestos lawyers at Worthington & Caron, PC want people to know that the team is really sponsored by every man and woman who has been robbed of their health because of mesothelioma, in order to remind the public just how precious health is.

Scholarship, Endowment, Donations
Worthington & Caron is proud to give back through scholarships, endowments and donations of various kinds. Through this type of charitable giving, we hope to benefit not only the public, but also the advancement of scientific research.