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The Greatest Escape Shows Anything's Possible

Worthington & CaronLos Angeles, CA. Riding a motorcycle with a throng of true believers from Marina Del Ray on a sunny Sunday afternoon through Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Malibu without stopping at a single intersection -- impossible. Right?

Wrong! It is possible if you have a police escort, and the backing of the Pacific Meso Center , the nonprofit dedicated to discovering new and better ways to treat patients with malignant mesothelioma, the same asbestos related cancer that took the life of famed Hollywood icon Steve McQueen more than 30 years ago.

Thanks to the Pacific Meso Center, John Caron and I were able to join similarly enthused and awestruck motorcyclists last Sunday in " The Greatest Escape," an organized ramble up the coast to commemorate the anniversary of the release of one of McQueen's greatest movies. Thanks to the leadership of PMC, and the work of a small army of volunteers, sponsors, celebrities, vendors and CHP "Evel Knievel" officers, the ride went off without a hitch.

Greg Paulus"What a momentous day," beamed Caron. "We were pleased to honor those who have passed on, give hope to those still persevering, and just have a day of fun on the beach with many of our clients, their friends and families."

"Before today, I never dreamed it would be possible to motor unabated through some of the worse traffic in the world," he continued. "It goes to show you -- anything's possible, if you're smart, motivated, and organized. The same goes for helping mesothelioma patients. To tame this terrible cancer, which has taken down so many for so many years, it's going to take a smart and motivated team of doctors, scientists and researchers, along with politicians, organized labor, patient advocates, drug companies and the government."

The Greatest Escape raised over $100,000, which will be used to fund ongoing research initiatives at PMC's laboratory in Los Angeles. Worthington & Caron, which helped sponsor the event, donated $50,000 to the PMC on behalf of all our clients who have struggled with mesothelioma. It was gratifying to rumble up the coast with our clients Chuck Jarvis, Jr., Michael Johnson and William Paulus, three young men who each lost their Dads to mesothelioma.

Michael JohnsonPlans are already underway for next year's Greatest Escape. Not only does the event support a worthy cause, it also offers the chance of a lifetime to throttle without stopping through Los Angeles and up the coast to enjoy the sunshine on the beach with friends, dance to live rock ‘n’ roll music, sip a craft beer or two and chow down on great food.

We wish again to thank the PMC, all the volunteers, and the California Highway Patrol for their hard work. And a special shout out to our friends Clare Cameron, Victoria Adams, Dr. Robert Cameron, Michael Johnson, William Paulus, and Chuck Jarvis, Jr., along with a big kudos to our new friends the Walking Phoenixes, Bartels’ Harley-Davidson, Larry Wilcox, Sheriff Lee Baca, Disc Jockeys Tom & Sandy and Lorenzo Lamas.

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