Lung Busters, Leg Breakers

Team Labor Power Cycling
Team Labor Power Bike Racing Team

Since 1995, The Law Offices of Roger G. Worthington, PC, in conjunction with its Labor Union friends, has sponsored an amateur bike racing team. The team consists of hard working, savvy and a little crazy Masters racers and competes in major pro-am races on the West Coast. The name of the team is ' Labor Power.'

Team Labor is sponsored by every working man and women who has been robbed of their health by asbestos and other toxic chemicals. We want to remind the public how precious good health is, and how easily it can be taken away by reckless and indifferent companies who peddle poisonous products. We know that thousands of working Americans have paid a heavy price for making the U.S. the greatest Nation on Earth.

We tell the public that the temporary pain we experience racing bicycles is nothing like the pain a mesothelioma or cancer patient faces every hour of everyday. As bike racers, we choose to suffer swollen legs and burning lungs when climbing mountains or sprinting for the win. We know that a terminal asbestos patient does not have this choice -- his pain and anguish was forced upon him and his family. We do not take our health for granted!