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Mesothelioma Deaths Among Women Increases

The ankh

Mesothelioma Deaths Among Women Increases

The ankh

Despite the overall decreased use of asbestos nationwide, mesothelioma deaths among women still managed to increase by 25% over the past two decades. This according to death record statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Homemakers, followed by healthcare workers and educators accounted for the largest proportion of deaths by industry among the women. Unlike mesothelioma mortality among men which is 85% attributable to work-related asbestos exposure, the women’s industries are not typically associated with asbestos exposure. Leading the CDC to hypothesize that women are being exposed in other ways such as take-home exposures by family members employed in an asbestos-related industry or by being present during maintenance and renovation projects at their workplace or home.

Surprisingly, the CDC made no mention of cosmetic talc being a culprit in mesothelioma mortality, which has disproportionately affected women.

The public health implications of this data highlight the unique risks facing women and asbestos and the precautions that should be taken to limit exposure.

For more information, please read the CDC report.