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Global Asbestos Disaster Study

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Global Asbestos Disaster Study

A new study compiles and provides the latest evidence of the magnitude of asbestos-related diseases in order to present the best data for prevention and regulation. The study finds that asbestos-related deaths are indeed increasing worldwide while being significantly underreported. Present efforts to eliminate this man-made problem and exposure have been insufficient in most countries. Asbestos has been banned in 55 countries but is still widely used today.

Although the scientific methods of diagnosing and reporting asbestos-related disease have improved, many countries fall short of identifying and compensating victims. A considerable number of asbestos exposure victims are miscategorized solely as smokers thus underestimating the role of asbestos. In addition, corporate and governmental interests continue to undermine the overwhelming scientific evidence of the carcinogenicity of all types of asbestos.

The current policies and practices in place to prevent asbestos exposure, both new asbestos use and management of existing asbestos, need strengthening and adequate follow-up.


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