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Thank You for Your Support of the 7th Annual 5K Walk for Mesothelioma!

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Thank You for Your Support of the 7th Annual 5K Walk for Mesothelioma!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this year's 7th Annual 5K Walk for Mesothelioma which has raised over $140,000 for Mesothelioma research!

For highlights of the event and inspiring interviews from patients, watch the video here:

This event has always attracted the meso community to connect with others as they enjoy the outdoors at the historic Paramount Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains. Our memories of attending this event since its inception will always remain special particularly in light of the devastating fires that have swept through California recently and consumed much of the Paramount Ranch and it’s iconic Western Town, the backdrop of numerous past and present TV shows and films. The Woolsey fire has burned about 83% of national park land in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Our thoughts go out to everyone in the surrounding areas and the firefighters who continue to battle this blaze which is now almost 70% contained.

Despite this heartbreaking loss, we have no doubt communities affected by these fires will rebound. The mesothelioma community is also resilient and unflappable, and we can only hope to host our beloved event in a place as special as Paramount Ranch next year.