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Celebration of Courage, Determination, and Grit at the 11th Annual Dana Point Grand Prix

11th Annual Dana Point Grand Prix

Celebration of Courage, Determination, and Grit at the 11th Annual Dana Point Grand Prix

On Sunday April 30, 2017, amateur and professional bike racers from the US and beyond gathered in Dana Point, California for the 11th Annual Dana Point Grand Prix. Worthington & Caron founder, Roger Worthington, has been a driving force behind the event since its inception in 2006. The event raises funds for local charities and, through the event’s flagship race, the John Johnson Family Classic, raises awareness for mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos.

11th Annual Dana Point Grand Prix

Roger Worthington with Sue Johnson

John Johnson, a Marine and career plumber, had a loving wife, two handsome sons, and a burgeoning gaggle of grandkids. John and his sons were avid cyclists. His son Michael would become one of Southern California’s top professional road cyclists.

John was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2011 and passed away from the aggressive cancer in January 2012. Since that time, John’s family has fought tirelessly to expand treatment options for asbestos-exposed vets, preserve the legal rights of all asbestos disease sufferers, and raise awareness of asbestos cancer and a need for a cure. It is in connection with these efforts that the family has sponsored the John Johnson Family Pro Race since 2012.

John Caron, Terrence Latham and Paul Konapelsky

A beautiful, sunny day was the setting for this year’s event. Thousands of fans showed up to cheer the nearly 800 racers who competed in 10 race categories on the challenging .8 mile, L-shaped circuit. Southern California racer Kendall Ryan won the women’s pro race for the second straight year. Justin Williams, also from Southern California, won the John Johnson Family men’s pro race, following a commanding “leadout” from his Cyclance Pro Cycling teammates in the final 4 laps of the 90-minute race.

Also celebrated for their own courage, determination, and grit were John Johnson’s wife, Sue Johnson, who served as honorary starter, along with mesothelioma survivors Terrence Latham (7 years) and Paul Konapelsky (2 years), both residents of Dana Point.

We thank the City of Dana Point for hosting another year of this tremendous event. We’re already looking forward to the 12th Annual Dana Point Grand Prix in 2017!

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