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FACT- Here We Go Again

If we've learned one thing, it's this: the asbestos industry is incapable of doing the right thing. Their history speaks for itself. A legacy of lying, poisoning, cheating, obfuscating and denying. Billions spent on covering up their crimes. Thousands of preventable and premature deaths. Millions spent on lobbyists to change the laws to make it harder for victims to get to a jury. Nary a nickel invested in prevention or cure.

Every few years, the Asbestos industry gathers up their favorite politicians and prop up another bail out bill. The last one they called the FAIR act even though a six year old understood that the bill was anything but fair. The most recent effort is another fine tribute to George Orwell's dire warnings of the encroachment of "doublespeak" -- the FACT act (Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency). It's mission is to make it more difficult for asbestos cancer plaintiffs to get a fair trial with a chance for a full, honest and fair recovery. But, again, even a six year old understands that the only thing "transparent" about the FACT act is it's grotesque support of the abusers and abject criminalization of the abused.

Please read the article below posted by Susan Vento, whose husband Congressman Bruce Vento died from mesothelioma 15 years ago. (Susan has spoken out about this bill as far back as 2013.) Bruce was one of the good guys. At the time, we advocated that Congress recognize Bruce's work by creating a mesothelioma research and treatment plan in his name. Congress, alas, looked the other way. Instead of launching an effort to cure asbestos cancer, they've instead chosen to spend the people's time ginning up embarrassing corporate bail out bills.

Stay tuned. Like the Terminator, they're back, and they simply will not stop, unless we stop them.

Asbestos Victims to Congress: Stop Fast-Tracking Legislation That Would Violate Victims' Privacy By Susan Vento, May 13, 2015