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Paul Zygielbaum, 12 Year Survivor, Continuing the Fight to Outlast Mesothelioma and Ban Asbestos


Paul Zygielbaum, 12 Year Survivor, Continuing the Fight to Outlast Mesothelioma and Ban Asbestos


Paul Zygielbaum was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2003 and for the last 12 years has been an outspoken advocate for mesothelioma victims’ rights, medical research and a ban of asbestos. Paul was recently profiled in an SF Gate article in which he states: “The goal is to die of something else.”

Over 60 countries worldwide have banned asbestos. Shockingly, this does not include the U.S. As the article correctly observes, “Congress has made several efforts to legislate a ban — all thwarted by industrial lobbies and partisan wrangling.”

Asbestos is dangerous at any percentage, even under 1% in a product. It is beyond comprehension that it has not yet been completely banned in the U.S., and sadly there seems to be no end in sight. The article states, “It’s safe to say prospects are bleak for any effort in the 114th Congress to ban asbestos. In fact, a bill to reduce corporate asbestos liability, passed by the House last year, is now expected to be introduced in the Senate early in 2015.”

Linda Reinstein, president and co-founder of the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, who lost her husband to mesothelioma in 2006, says, “I am gravely concerned about the new 2015 Senate and fear that asbestos victims’ civil rights and public health will be buried […]”

A long uphill battle remains, but thanks to mesothelioma warriors like Paul, Linda and countless others, the battle will continue until it is won.

We have been covering Paul’s extraordinary story since the firm participated in the handling of Paul’s asbestos legal claims. See the links below to learn more about Paul’s efforts to ban asbestos, raise public awareness about the continuing threat posed by asbestos and support medical research into new treatments for mesothelioma.

*** Paul passed away on January 25, 2019 ***

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