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New Immunotherapy Compound Anti-CD40 Slows Mesothelioma Tumor Growth After Recurrence


New Immunotherapy Compound Anti-CD40 Slows Mesothelioma Tumor Growth After Recurrence 

In the September 2013 issue of The Journal of Immunotherapy , researchers from the Western University of Australia published results of a study using a promising new immunotherapy compound and its effects on reoccurring mesothelioma tumors in lab mice. Immunotherapy is based on the body's natural defense system, which protects us against a variety of diseases.

Researchers tested the effects of anti-CD40, an antibody which increases the body’s production of tumor-fighting T-cells, on mesothelioma tumors in mice. Researchers first removed the mesothelioma tumor, then re-implanted mesothelioma cells to mimic reoccurrence of disease. At the occurrence of established regrowth, the anti-CD40 was administered to the tumors through the bloodstream, to the area surrounding the tumor, or directly to the tumor. The results showed slowed metastatic growth and inhibited local recurrence, in addition to improved survival from metastasis.

Mesothelioma has an especially high rate of recurrence even when treated with a multi-modality approach utilizing surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation. Immunotherapy offers great promise as an emerging option in cancer treatment, but it is still fairly new. Some types of immunotherapy have now become part of standard cancer treatment, while others remain experimental. An enormous amount of research remains to be done before the findings can be widely applied.