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Pacific Meso Center's 5k Walk & BBQ-A Rousing Success!


Pacific Meso Center's 5k Walk & BBQ-A Rousing Success!


This past Sunday, the Pacific Mesothelioma Center hosted the Inaugural 5k Walk & BBQ at Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills to raise awareness about mesothelioma and to pay tribute to those who have fought the disease or are still fighting. PMC’s sole aim is to discover new treatments for malignant pleural mesothelioma and to improve mesothelioma victims’ lives and longevity.

More than 200 family members, friends, and colleagues gathered in the Old West Town, formerly the site of numerous westerns filmed during Hollywood’s Golden Age, and set off for the hills for the scenic 5K walk/hike/run. The sun was high and the way steep, but our determination won out over the 90 degree weather and our efforts were well rewarded with some of the best BBQ in the West and the musical stylings of Karen Tobin and her country band.

PMC’s original fundraising goal was $25,000. At last count, this event has raised a whopping $66,900 and the donations are still coming in! The top fundraising team was no other than the McCarthy clan with their team Irish Stampede, in loving memory of Gerald McCarthy.

Also supporting the cause was Team Evens which was made up of family and friends of Randy Evens. Team Evens included Randy's wife Ginny and daughters Laura and Diana. Team Evens was proud to boast that no matter the distance, they would keep on walking to get the word out and to chase down a cure. There were other great friends and gracious clients of ours also in attendance, including: the Ganoe family and friends, the Belvedere family and friends, the Jarvis family and friends and Kay Simmons-Gilpatrick.

It was admirable to see these families band together to honor their loved ones and give something back to help future victims. I tip my hat to thee. And my sore feet.