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Don't Sit Back.. Attack!


Don't Sit Back.. Attack!


You bet. Over 20 years ago, "Don't sit back...Attack!" became my law firm's mantra. I never liked the word "victim," as it suggests powerlessness. Guess what? Folks poisoned by asbestos do have the power to strike back. It's been my job and calling to help asbestos cancer patients dig deep, bow up, and get "rough and rumble" justice.

My firm has been sponsoring bike racers, bike teams and bike race events for many years. This year I'm pleased to share with you that I'm racing for a team whose mission is to raise awareness on cancer treatments and preventions -- Breakaway from Cancer® (BfC). BfC is an initiative of Amgen, Inc, the biotech juggernaut. BfC has chosen to use bike races and rides as a vehicle for spreading the word that just as it takes a team to win a bike race, it also takes a team to help survive cancer.

BfC has agreed to sponsor a bike race I've been sponsoring for years -- The BfC Dana Point Grand Prix (DPGP). In 2011, we will have a cancer fundraiser the night before the race (April 30th, details to follow). A portion of the proceeds from the BfC fundraiser will be donated to the Pacific Meso Center.