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Dr. Cameron: "He clarified my options in lay terms"


Dr. Cameron: "He clarified my options in lay terms"


Holger Lochheed is a 70 year-old retired hotel restaurant manager who lives with his wife Lynne in Mesquite, Texas. Holger was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma two years ago during a routine physical.

Holger recently reviewed a copy of the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute’s “Patients Road Map”, a brochure written to help mesothelioma patients navigate the many roads before them on their journey to proper diagnosis, treatment and coping with their disease. Here it Holger’s enthusiastic response.

Dear Mr. Caron,

Thank you for your letter and the " Patients Roadmap" brochure.

While the brochure is informative, short and to the point, it lacks the strong emphasis to seek out a specialist as early as possible.

My personal scenario is a case in point. After diagnosis, I was referred to a local Oncologist (a charming gentleman) who gave me 9 months to live and with treatment 3 years. His referral to a Thoracic Surgeon was even bleaker: an immediate operation followed by heavy radiation. Outlook: 2 years and "I'll try to save part of your lung".

Thank God your office referred me to Dr. Cameron. He clarified my options in lay terms.

I chose to do nothing.

So far this decision had stood me in good stead. I feel well and live the good life. Naturally I am under no illusions and know this could change at a moments notice.

Therefore, it is my humble opinion that the publication needs to put a MUCH STRONGER emphasis on the importance of seeking out meso specialists as early as possible.