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Lean On Me: Cancer Through A Carer's Eyes


My name is Lorraine Kember; my husband was a victim of asbestos.

"Lean on Me: Cancer through a Carer's Eyes" is my true story of how I cared for my husband, who after a 2 year illness, passed away from pleural mesothelioma in 2001.

My book is highly recommended by Cancer Councils and Palliative Care Organisations world wide as a valuable reference for those caring for loved ones with terminal cancer at home, as well as for those who are professional carer's working in the Palliative Care Industry. It is also recommended reading for several nursing universities. In 2004 as a result of writing my book, I was invited to attend and speak in the Plenary Session "Empowerment of Victims and their Families, at the Global Asbestos Congress 2004, held in Tokyo Japan.

"Lean on Me" includes: insight and discussion on: Pain management, symptom control, chemotherapy, palliative care, coping with grief - Plus many excerpts and poems from my personal diary.

Please visit my site where you will find detailed information and Dr's recommendations as well as reader's letters and guest book comments.

I have written my book in the sincere hope of bringing inspiration and strength those who have - and particularly those who care for - loved ones with mesothelioma and cancer of all kinds.

I have also recently published a book of poetry titled "Tear Drops" A Journey of Grief, Healing and Hope. Information regarding this book can also be found on my website.

Kind regards