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Elizabeth Udell: "I Feel Very Sorry For You."


Judge Tyson:

My name is Elizabeth Udell, wife of Fred R. Udell who is dying of mesothelioma that was caused due to asbestos because he was trying to make a living for his family.

What our children and I would like to know is how you can dismiss the cases that were brought before you like nothing has happened. I understand that you are a woman. I don't know if you are married or have children, but if you do have a husband and children, think of him being taken away from you and your children by a disease that all those companies have caused knowingly that asbestos will kill people.

Can you honestly in your heart say that that's alright, you don't mind and neither do your children. If you can do that then you have no heart. I hope you can sleep at night with a clear conscious, knowing of what you have done, because you agreed with all those companies.

I can only speak for myself (but I'm sure all the other wives will agree with me). You see my husband is my life, we love each other very much and we have a very good marriage. He is the best father any child could have and the greatest grandpa to our grandchildren, (we have 6 - they range from ages 1 ½ through 10 and we have 2 more on the way, which he will never see) he is only 65 years old and all the things we wanted to do in his retirement years is all being cut short because of asbestos.

Those companies have robbed me of my husband, our children of their father and our grandchildren of their grandpa, and you Judge Tyson have agreed with them which saddens me very much to think that one person could be so powerful to ruin so many lives and not to give it a second thought. In all honesty I feel very sorry for you I do pray for you that the good Lord will forgive you for your actions.

My family and I will survive somehow, there will be a big void in my life but my husband will be in my heart forever and the life we shared together. But you, Judge Tyson, dismissed peoples lives, not just cases. You will have all those people on your conscious and what you were unwilling to do for them. I am sure you have justified your reasons for doing so. I do hope you can sleep at night in peace. I do pray for you, I really do. May our Lord somehow awaken your heart before it is too late and may find peace and comfort in your life.


Elizabeth Udell