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Commitment to Mesothelioma Medical Research


Dear Senator Specter:

On January 11, 2005, in a hearing on the asbestos trust fund bill, you advised a mesothelioma patient (Billy Speicher) that you would investigate the National Cancer Institute's commitment in finding a cure for malignant mesothelioma. What has your staff discovered?

We have researched the issue as well. The results have not been comforting. We have previously provided your office with this research, which shows that compared to other tumors the NCI's investment in mesothelioma medical research is disproportionate and woefully inadequate. We would be pleased to discuss this problem, and the solution, with you and your staff.

Please advise. In the meantime, we attach for your review (again), a letter we sent to your office from the nation's leading scientists and medical doctors advocating the creation of a federal mesothelioma research and treatment program.

On a personal note, we are pleased to learn you are receiving the best available medical care for your Hodgkin's disease and that your spirits are high and your resolve is strong.


Roger G. Worthington
Founding Director