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Navy Ships: Destroyers

Ship NameShip NumberType of Ship
Aaron WardDD 483Destroyer
AbbotDD 629Destroyer
AgerholmDD 826Destroyer
Albert W. GrantDD 649Destroyer
Alfred A. CunninghamDD 752Destroyer
Allen M. SumnerDD 692Destroyer
AmmenDD 527Destroyer
AnthonyDD 515Destroyer
Arnold J. IsbellDD 869Destroyer
Arthur W. RadfordDD 968Destroyer
AulickDD 569Destroyer
AultDD 698Destroyer
BacheDD 470Destroyer
BarryDD 933Destroyer
BartonDD 599Destroyer
BaussellDD 845Destroyer
BealeDD 471Destroyer
BearssDD 654Destroyer
BeattyDD 640Destroyer
BellDD 587Destroyer
BenhamDD 796Destroyer
BennettDD 473Destroyer
BennionDD 662Destroyer
BigelowDD 942Destroyer
BlackDD 666Destroyer
BlandyDD 943Destroyer
BlueDD 744Destroyer
BorieDD 704Destroyer
BoydDD 544Destroyer
BradfordDD 545Destroyer
BraineDD 630Destroyer
Brinkley BassDD 887Destroyer
BriscoeDD 977Destroyer
BristolDD 614Destroyer
BrownDD 546Destroyer
BrownsonDD 868Destroyer
BrushDD 745Destroyer
BryantDD 665Destroyer
BuckDD 761Destroyer
BullardDD 660Destroyer
BurnsDD 588Destroyer
CapertonDD 650Destroyer
CappsDD 550Destroyer
CaronDD 970Destroyer
Cassin YoungDD 793Destroyer
CastleDD 720Destroyer
CharetteDD 581Destroyer
Charles AusburnDD 570Destroyer
Charles H. RoanDD 853Destroyer
Charles J. BadgerDD 657Destroyer
Charles R. WareDD 865Destroyer
Charles S. SperryDD 697Destroyer
ChaunceyDD 667Destroyer
Clarence K. BronsonDD 668Destroyer
ClaxtonDD 571Destroyer
CogswellDD 651Destroyer
ColahanDD 658Destroyer
CollettDD 730Destroyer
ComptonDD 705Destroyer
Comte De GrasseDD 974Destroyer
ConeDD 866Destroyer
ConnerDD 582Destroyer
ConollyDD 979Destroyer
ConverseDD 509Destroyer
ConwayDD 507Destroyer
ConyDD 508Destroyer
CorryDD 817Destroyer
CottenDD 669Destroyer
CowellDD 547Destroyer
CushingDD 797Destroyer
CushingDD 985Destroyer
DaleyDD 519Destroyer
DashiellDD 659Destroyer
David R. RayDD 971Destroyer
DavisDD 937Destroyer
Davis W. TaylorDD 551Destroyer
De HavenDD 727Destroyer
DeyoDD 989Destroyer
DortchDD 670Destroyer
Douglas H. FoxDD 779Destroyer
Du PontDD 941Destroyer
DysonDD 572Destroyer
EatonDD 510Destroyer
EdsonDD 946Destroyer
ElliottDD 967Destroyer
EnglishDD 696Destroyer
ErbenDD 631Destroyer
Ernest G. SmallDD 838Destroyer
Eugene A. GreeneDD 711Destroyer
EversoleDD 789Destroyer
FechtelerDD 870Destroyer
FifeDD 991Destroyer
FiskeDD 842Destroyer
FletcherDD 445Destroyer
FletcherDD 992Destroyer
Floyd B. ParksDD 884Destroyer
FooteDD 511Destroyer
Forest RoyalDD 872Destroyer
Forrest ShermanDD 931Destroyer
Frank E. EvansDD 754Destroyer
FranksDD 554Destroyer
FullamDD 474Destroyer
GainardDD 706Destroyer
GatlingDD 671Destroyer
GearingDD 710Destroyer
George K. MackenzieDD 836Destroyer
GlennonDD 840Destroyer
GregoryDD 802Destroyer
GuestDD 472Destroyer
GurkeDD 783Destroyer
GyattDD 712Destroyer
HaileyDD 556Destroyer
HaleDD 642Destroyer
HalfordDD 480Destroyer
HallDD 583Destroyer
Halsey PowellDD 686Destroyer
HamnerDD 718Destroyer
HankDD 702Destroyer
HaradenDD 585Destroyer
Harlan R. DicksonDD 708Destroyer
Harold J. EllisonDD 864Destroyer
HarrisonDD 573Destroyer
Harry E. HubbardDD 748Destroyer
Harry W. hillDD 986Destroyer
hartDD 594Destroyer
HaynsworthDD 700Destroyer
HazelwoodDD 531Destroyer
HealyDD 672Destroyer
HeermanDD 532Destroyer
HendersonDD 785Destroyer
HendersonDD 785Destroyer
HenleyDD 391Destroyer
HewittDD 966Destroyer
Heywood L. EdwardsDD 663Destroyer
HickoxDD 673Destroyer
HollisterDD 788Destroyer
HopewellDD 681Destroyer
HoworthDD 592Destroyer
Huch W. HadleyDD 774Destroyer
HudsonDD 475Destroyer
Hugh PurvisDD 709Destroyer
HullDD 945Destroyer
HuntDD 674Destroyer
HymanDD 732Destroyer
IngersollDD 652Destroyer
IngersollDD 990Destroyer
IngrahamDD 694Destroyer
IrwinDD 794Destroyer
IsherwoodDD 520Destroyer
IzardDD 589Destroyer
J. William DitterDD 751Destroyer
James C. OwensDD 776Destroyer
James E. KyesDD 787Destroyer
JarvisDD 799Destroyer
JenkinsDD 447Destroyer
Joh RodgersDD 983Destroyer
Joh YoungDD 973Destroyer
John A. BoleDD 755Destroyer
John D. HenleyDD 553Destroyer
John HancockDD 981Destroyer
John HoodDD 655Destroyer
John R. CraigDD 885Destroyer
John R. PierceDD 753Destroyer
John RodgersDD 574Destroyer
John W. ThomasonDD 760Destroyer
John W. WeeksDD 701Destroyer
JohnstonDD 821Destroyer
Jonas IngramDD 938Destroyer
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.DD 850Destroyer
Kenneth D. BaileyDD 713Destroyer
KiddDD 661Destroyer
KillenDD 593Destroyer
KimberlyDD 521Destroyer
KinkaidDD 965Destroyer
KnappDD 653Destroyer
La ValletteDD 448Destroyer
LaffeyDD 724Destroyer
LansdaleDD 766Destroyer
LawsDD 558Destroyer
LeftwichDD 984Destroyer
Leonard F. MasonDD 852Destroyer
Lewis HancockDD 675Destroyer
LofbergDD 759Destroyer
LowryDD 770Destroyer
Lyman K. SwensonDD 729Destroyer
MaddoxDD 731Destroyer
ManleyDD 940Destroyer
MansfieldDD 728Destroyer
MarshallDD 676Destroyer
MasseyDD 778Destroyer
McCordDD 534Destroyer
McDermutDD 677Destroyer
McGowenDD 678Destroyer
McKeanDD 784Destroyer
McKeeDD 575Destroyer
McNairDD 679Destroyer
MelvinDD 680Destroyer
MeredithDD 890Destroyer
MerrillDD 976Destroyer
MertzDD 691Destroyer
MetcalfDD 595Destroyer
MillerDD 535Destroyer
MoaleDD 693Destroyer
MonssenDD 798Destroyer
MoosburggerDD 980Destroyer
MortonDD 948Destroyer
MullanyDD 528Destroyer
MullinnixDD 944Destroyer
MurrayDD 576Destroyer
NelsonDD 623Destroyer
NicholasDD 449Destroyer
NicholsonDD 982Destroyer
NoaDD 841Destroyer
Norman ScottDD 690Destroyer
O'BannonDD 450Destroyer
O'BannonDD 987Destroyer
O'BrienDD 725Destroyer
O'BrienDD 975Destroyer
O'HareDD 889Destroyer
OldendorfDD 972Destroyer
OrleckDD 886Destroyer
OwenDD 536Destroyer
OzbournDD 846Destroyer
Paul F. FosterDD 964Destroyer
Paul HamiltonDD 590Destroyer
PerryDD 844Destroyer
PetersonDD 969Destroyer
PhilipDD 498Destroyer
PickingDD 685Destroyer
PorterDD 800Destroyer
PorterfieldDD 682Destroyer
PowerDD 839Destroyer
PresgonDD 795Destroyer
PritchettDD 561Destroyer
PurdyDD 734Destroyer
PutnamDD 757Destroyer
RadfordDD 446Destroyer
RemeyDD 688Destroyer
RenshawDD 499Destroyer
Richard B. AndersonDD 786Destroyer
Richard P. LearyDD 664Destroyer
Richard S. EdwardsDD 950Destroyer
RingoldDD 500Destroyer
Robert H. McCardDD 822Destroyer
Robert K. HuntingtonDD 781Destroyer
RoginsonDD 562Destroyer
RooksDD 804Destroyer
RossDD 563Destroyer
RowanDD 782Destroyer
RoweDD 564Destroyer
RupertusDD 851Destroyer
Samual B. RobertsDD 823Destroyer
Samuel l. MooreDD 747Destroyer
SarsfieldDD 837Destroyer
SaufleyDD 465Destroyer
SchoederDD 501Destroyer
SeamanDD 791Destroyer
Seymour D. OwensDD 767Destroyer
SheltonDD 790Destroyer
ShieldsDD 596Destroyer
SigourneyDD 643Destroyer
SigsbeeDD 502Destroyer
SmalleyDD 565Destroyer
SoleyDD 707Destroyer
SprostonDD 577Destroyer
SpruanceDD 963Destroyer
StanleyDD 478Destroyer
SteinakerDD 863Destroyer
StembelDD 644Destroyer
Stephen PotterDD 538Destroyer
StevensDD 479Destroyer
StickellDD 888Destroyer
StockhamDD 683Destroyer
StoddardDD 566Destroyer
StormesDD 780Destroyer
StriblingDD 867Destroyer
StrongDD 758Destroyer
StumpDD 978Destroyer
TaussigDD 746Destroyer
TaylorDD 468Destroyer
TerryDD 513Destroyer
The SullivansDD 537Destroyer
Theodore E. ChandlerDD 717Destroyer
ThornDD 988Destroyer
TingeyDD 539Destroyer
TrathenDD 530Destroyer
Turner JoyDD 951Destroyer
TwiningDD 540Destroyer
UhlmannDD 687Destroyer
Van ValkenburchDD 656Destroyer
VogelgesangDD 862Destroyer
WadleighDD 689Destroyer
WadsworthDD 516Destroyer
WaldronDD 699Destroyer
WalkeDD 723Destroyer
WalkerDD 517Destroyer
Wallace L. LindDD 703Destroyer
WallerDD 466Destroyer
WarringtonDD 843Destroyer
WattsDD 567Destroyer
WedderburnDD 684Destroyer
WickesDD 578Destroyer
WileyDD 597Destroyer
Willard KeithDD 775Destroyer
William C. LaweDD 763Destroyer
William M. WoodDD 715Destroyer
William R. RushDD 714Destroyer
WiltsieDD 716Destroyer
WitekDD 848Destroyer
Woodrow R. ThompsonDD 721Destroyer
WrenDD 568Destroyer
YarnallDD 541Destroyer
YoungDD 580Destroyer
ZellarsDD 777Destroyer