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Worthington & Caron, P.C. Unfurls Its Flag


Roger Worthington announced today the unfurling of Worthington & Caron, P.C. The change to the firm marquis reflects the addition of John Caron as a named partner to the firm.


Roger Worthington and John Caron
overlooking historic Los Angeles harbor.

“John Caron is a steady hand on the wheel,” said Worthington, who has been representing men, women and children stricken with asbestos-caused diseases, such as mesothelioma, since 1988. “You can throw storms, pirates and even Leviathans at John, and he absolutely will not flinch.”

Caron is a 25 year attorney and has been working with Worthington since 2005. In that time, he has established a proven track record of making a positive difference in the lives of mesothelioma patients. “He knows how to navigate rough seas,” said Worthington. “From diagnosis, to the deposition, to settlement negotiations, to trial, there is nobody I’d trust more to advocate on behalf of our clients.”


Worthington and Caron next to the
16 inch guns on the USS Iowa, moored
two blocks away from their San Pedro office.

“Joining Roger in 2005 was like joining a crusade,” said Caron. “We represent people from all walks of life: from shipyard workers to school teachers, boilermakers to bankers and millwrights to stay at home mothers. They all worked hard to make better lives for their families, and had no idea that inhaling dust from the ‘miracle mineral’ asbestos could rob precious years from their own lives. Fighting to achieve some measure of justice for these unfortunate men and women and the sons, daughters and grandchildren who love them motivates me each and every day.”

“I am determined to have Worthington & Caron, P.C. build upon the unique level of commitment to asbestos cancer patients that my partner Roger began over 20 years ago,” added Caron. “We are committed to bringing the passion and resourcefulness necessary to obtain recoveries for our clients which continue to be among the highest in the country. We are also committed to maintaining our position as a leading supporter of research into treatment advancements that can extend the lives of our asbestos cancer clients.”

Worthington & Caron succeeds The Law Office of Roger G. Worthington, P.C which was established in 1991. The firm specializes in mesothelioma cases. Roger Worthington was the first lawyer in the U.S. to establish a non-profit medical foundation dedicated to finding reasonable treatment options for mesothelioma patients. He’s also the first lawyer ever to convince the asbestos industry to donate to medical research.

For more information, please see the Worthington & Caron website, at, or call 1 800 831 9399. Worthington & Caron's San Pedro, California office is located within eyesight of Terminal Island and the old Todd Shipyard in Los Angeles harbor.


Worthington & Caron, proud to represent Navy Vets, shipyard
and refinery workers exposed to asbestos in the
Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors

*** Posted October 5, 2012 ***