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Breakaway From Cancer Dana Point Grand Prix Celebration Of Sport, Fitness And Family


"Come and get it!" -- an invitation from the Dana Point Community Cycling Foundation

We come bearing gifts.

Gift #1: The thrill of racing your bike against fierce competition in downtown Dana Point on Pacific Coast Highway before thousands of fans for big cash and primes.

Gift #2: The joy of cheering on children pedaling their brains out down the home stretch of the brand new criterium course. Each kid gets a free swag bag and a memory for a lifetime. You get to feel good about getting your kids off the couch and on the bike.

Gift #3: The gift of giving back. Let's face it, being able to train and race is a blessing. Here's a chance to have fun and do good. This year's 5th Annual Dana Point Grand Prix is sponsored by Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer (BfC) initiative.

On race day, BfC is sponsoring a "Breakaway Walk," which will honor cancer survivors, caregivers, and advocates.

Just as the success of a bike race is measured by the size of the field, so it goes with the Breakaway Walk.

As over 1 million cancer survivors reside in California alone, chances are someone in your family has been attacked by cancer. This is your chance to take a stand and show your support for the self-determination, hope and teamwork it takes to fend off cancer.

We are asking you to rally those trespassed by cancer to come join the community of cancer "thrivers" and their support crew. Do your part to take a stand and celebrate life.

There's more. Celebrating life is well and good, and heavens knows with all the bad news swirling about we need something to celebrate. But we're also helping raise money for cancer awareness and research.

Let's face it, times are tough for for-profits; for non-profits, it's even worse. That's why the DPCCF has agreed to partner up with Breakaway from Cancer and The Pacific Meso Center to raise funds to support research. You can help.

On Saturday night, April 30th, at the Dana Point Yacht Club, we will be sponsoring the Breakaway from Cancer Fundraiser. Now this is cool. At this stage, we have over 40 super amazing and valuable gifts that we will auction. Tickets are FREE and you and yours can enjoy a night of food, beer, wine, and inspiration, plus a chance to meet with top pro-am racers and bid on incredibly awesome gifts.

So there you are. Have fun and do good, for yourself, your family, your community, and those stricken with cancer. The Dana Point Grand Prix is more than a bike race - it's an event that celebrates the blessings of family, exercise, competition and a cause greater than ourselves.

As you know, we donate all net proceeds to charity. At a time when budget cuts have decimated public programs, let's reward the City of Dana Point for keeping this race alive and well. They deserve your support.

Rally Caps On!

Roger Worthington
Dana Point Community Cycling Foundation, Inc.
A 501©(3) non profit.

For more information about the fundraiser and cancer walk, please contact:

Clare Cameron
Executive Director
Pacific Meso Center, a division of PHLBI, Inc (a 501©3 non profit)
(310) 478-4678