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French Health Agency Announces Link between Asbestos Exposure and Laryngeal and Ovarian Cancers

The French National Health Security Agency (ANSES) issued a press release September 19, 2022, announcing a link between asbestos exposure and laryngeal and ovarian cancers. According to ANSES, between 150 to 170 diagnosis of these cancers each year are attributed to exposure to asbestos.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) established the causal link between laryngeal and ovarian cancers and exposure to asbestos in 2012, but Alexandra Papadopoulos, scientific coordinator at ANSES stated that during her research, the majority of medical providers she spoke with were not aware of the potential link. “Asbestos is commonly associated with cancers of the lungs and the pleura, neither doctors nor patients make the link with other cancers”.

Several French health ministries are coordinating to develop Occupational Disease Tables listing laryngeal and ovarian cancers as occupational diseases to establish a Presumption of Origin help facilitate the link for patients and doctors to determine treatment options and assist patients whose disease was caused by asbestos who are seeking compensation.

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