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Johnson & Johnson Will Stop Selling Talc-Based Baby Powder Worldwide Next Year

Despite previously discontinuing sales of talc-based baby powder in the U.S. and Canada in 2020 after growing public pressure, Johnson & Johnson still managed to eke out an excuse to continue selling tainted baby powder in global markets.

Now, J&J has finally announced that they will start using cornstarch instead worldwide in all their baby powder in 2023. A shift undoubtedly spurred not only by declining demand but by the numerous lawsuits alleging asbestos-contaminated talc caused cancer. J&J cites that their transition away from talc is in order to meet “evolving global trends” and incredulously still remain “firmly behind” the safety of their talc products.

Although this is a long-awaited development, it was always seen as an easy solution. J&J introduced the cornstarch alternative, which is cheap, plentiful and truly non-toxic, in 1980. Perhaps if they had started admitting fault with their iconic product back then, it would have compelled them to take responsibility and face true accountability sooner. Unfortunately, the extent of retribution exacted by asbestos plaintiffs by the end of J&J’s convoluted bankruptcy reorganization process, remains to be seen. Sadly, for the countless victims already poisoned by J&J products, this decision comes too little, too late.

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