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Ride for Glory, Cheer for Peace, Walk for Hope: Please support the Breakaway from Cancer Walk.

Breakaway from CancerFriends, So much going on. You’re racing your bike. Your kids are racing their bikes. You’re shopping at the Expo. You’re eating burgers.

You’re drinking craft beers. You’re soaking up the sunshine and celebrating the good life. It’s good to get, to receive, to be showered with gifts and accolades. But it’s even better to give. The Dana Point Grand Prix Presented by Amgen Breakaway from Cancer is proud to give, but now we’re asking you, your friends and family to give back. We’re asking you to support cancer survivors, caregivers, family members and advocates.

How? Simply by walking. Walking and talking, cheering and laughing, reflecting and reaching out, in solidarity, in downtown Dana Point, on the race course, at prime time. At 3:35pm, just before the Amgen Pro men’s race, we are opening the course to everyone and anyone who wishes to lodge their protest against cancer and support for survivors.

Believe me, it feels good to work with others in a noble fight against a common enemy. Courtesy of Amgen’s Breakaway from Cancer (BfC) initiative, we will be offering BfC hats and bracelets to the first 150 participants. We will also make available “I ride for ____” BfC decals which you can fill out and affix to your clothing. We know it’s not about the trinkets. It’s about showing support, giving back, making new friends, and serving a higher and bigger cause.

We want to thank Amgen for this noble opportunity. We also wish to thank the Pacific Meso Center, a non profit medical foundation whose mission is to develop innovative therapies that will convert deadly mesothelioma into a chronic and treatable disease. For more information on Amgen’s Breakaway from Cancer event logistics, please visit here.

Walk On!
Roger Worthington
The Prez The Dana Point Community Cycling Foundation, Inc.

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